Our Process



Your property could be a newly built villa, a total refurbishment or simply a redecoration.
We will meet you onsite and discuss the project. We will give you some initial thoughts and suggestions and we will discuss the scope of the interior design project with you and our potential involvement.


We will discuss with you the type of looks and finishes you want, and give you a series of thoughts and broad recommendations to achieve this.
No two projects are the same, and the breadth of the suppliers and manufacturers that we use means that your villa will have a unique design.


We will together go through the decision making process on exact specification for the design, furnishings and finishes of your villa.
We have many years of experience in assisting this stage of the process, which for many clients can be a daunting experience.
We will make it an enjoyable one.


We will provide detailed, itemized pricing for the interior design project, together with estimated availability and delivery times.
We will manage the ordering process to ensure that furniture and furnishings arrive in sequence at the correct time.


We will provide regular updates on progress and timing.


As the building works end and the fitting out begins, we will be on site constantly managing deliveries and fittings and arranging the villa for your arrival.
Welcome to your unique new villa.